No more rats.

"The rat stops gnawing in the wood, the dungeon walls withdraw, the weight is lifted your pulse steadies and the sun has found your heart, the day was not bad, the season has not been bad, there is sense and even promise in going on." -Bernard DeVoto

One year ago today, these 4-5 foot rats nests (below) were removed from the studio/garage walls of my new place.

You see, in early January 2016, after some pretty big (read: scary) life changes/decisions, I had moved into what I thought was a beautiful new place, only to then experience difficulty after difficulty after difficulty.  

Turns out the previous tenant was an actual- full on - A&E Channel Reality Show Style - hoarder.   And although things looked fine on the surface, there were many hidden problems that were now forcefully making their way to the surface.  Truthfully, life had started to feel like my own personal seven plagues from the Book of Revelations, culminating with the discovery of the rat infestation in the walls of the garage (thankfully NOT attached to the house itself).  

Despite being a very tenacious girl (Never tell Me the Odds!)I I had started to think it was too much for me to handle.  I wondered why it was happening to me.  Then a wise man changed my perspective...

He told me to look around and see how much better things were becoming because of what I was going through.  To see how beautiful, and clean and new things were now because of it.  And that with grace, I could handle it, I WAS handling it, that it would pass and that there was light on the other side….

So, I looked around and realized...he was right.  And that perspective changed things. 

One year later, with some pride, I am reminded of how far I have come in my life (and with much humility, how much further I still have to go!)  But if you happen upon this post and are going through something yourself, whatever it is, I wanted to pass something on to you.  Something, I still need daily, because lets be honest, we all go through dark times and doubts.  Something I was blessed to receive from that wise man one year ago when I really needed it - HOPE. 

I plan to celebrate this "anniversary" by enjoying the heck out of my home, my family and friends, my dog, my life.  My life, which is far from perfect, and is not yet all I want it to be, but is now, filled with hope, instead of rats.


***Note:  I feel it important to add that I do not mean to imply that a "change in perspective" is enough for every situation in life. If you think you could be suffering from clinical depression or any other disorder (including hoarding) please seek help from a friend, family or clergy member or a professional immediately.  I would suggest my friend Wil Wheaton's writings on the subject as a great place to start to find information.***
Catherine Taber